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Feb 25, 2009
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So I have had my Canon Rebel XT since I graduated high school (was my gift to myself). I am open to all and any CC as I would like to improve. Here are a few:




and my last one for now:

Please let me know what you think and also feel free to check out and giv CC on any others from my Flickr page.

3 and 4 are great.
The smoke shots are stunning.
Are you able to give us a description of how you did these last two shots.

The first shot isn't anything special, actually I'm more wondering why you included it.
The smoke shots are pretty simple. Use a black background and off camera flash and a homemade snoot to channel the flash. I choice to use incense sticks to make the smoke (as I am not a smoker). Lite it and let the smoke do its thing. Some times I would move them to make it more interesting or blow on them. To get it to be white just invert the color and then colorizing is done with what ever editing program you like. I got a lot of info on how to from here.

The first image was something different. I have only recently start to photograph people so it is a whole new thing to me.
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Here is a new one from our recent snow storm here on the east coast (CC welcome and appreciated):

#3 is my fav. love the water beads. #1 looks a little over saturated.

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