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Nov 22, 2004
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Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV
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well, as you all knew i tried for a new job.. well, i didnt get it.. sadly, so i moved back to seattle to be with my fiance till she graduated from school.. she got an internship with a interior designer last week. come to find out that, she needed a photographer. how about that im a photographer.. showed her my portfolio today, and how about that, im her photographer... but, im still on the prowl for a law enforcement job as well
It looks like an opportunity fell into your lap from what appeard to be a bad situation. Come to Buffalo, Law Enforcement makes well over $100K with OT.
Well that's awesome...things work happen for a least this gig will keep you busy until you get what you really want...
I wanted to be a detective or even just a patrol officer, my plan was to start out in corrections, goto school, then transfer from washington state department of corrections to washington state patrol... sadly, that wont happen as quickly as i would have liked, but o well, i have a job i love, and working at ups as well :p but i get paid so i cant complain

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