New lens. cc por favor.

I think you've captured the eyes really well in 1-3.

2 and 4 look overexposed.
not a fan of all of the composition, but I like #2 the best.
1-good color, good exposure
2-very green undercurrent in the fleshtones
3-a bit weak in the saturation and color department
4-back to that odd greenish undercurrent

I wish every single one of these had been framed as verticals.
Good shots that would be a lot better if the tops of their heads weren't cut off.
Why are they so grainy?
You need to pay attention to your backgrounds. The only one that is not distracting is #1 & then you cut off the girls head.

Just for the record, these shots were taken in my backyard while my daughter and all the neighbor kids were playing. They were spontaneous snapshots.
I am going to agree with Derrel here on color and exposure, he's already said it. Although sometimes I too like the horizontal shots when I am trying to illustrate surroundings. Super cute girls. I dont notice much grain either but could be me.

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