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Nov 13, 2005
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Got a new 85 1.4 and went for a walk after dark. I'm really happy with it so far. Not a lot of post on these, comments always appreciated. sorry about the larger ones, photobucket resized them, but it's not displaying properly.

1. candid f2

2. phone f1.4

3. Chinese lanterns f4, 2.8

4. co-worker f1.7

5. a friend and fellow shooter f2 (bit shakey, this is just after i got it on my camera, i was pretty excited)
Congratulations on your new lens. An 85mm f1.4 (!) - wow.
I like the colours in the phone box photo and the blurred backgrounds you created by going wide open in most ... only the eye in focus of your co-worker creeps me out a little, it sports all sorts of colours where there should be the white of his eye, only is there no white... :shock:
thanks for the comments corinna. i agree with you on the shot of my co-worker, but i sort of like it - there were at least 4 different types of ambient lighting hitting his face.. kind of a nice set of colours.
Interesting shots. I have an 85mm f1.8 & know it can take a while to get used to the zoom factor!

i actually prefer primes. when i go to focus a zoom, i throw off my focal length.

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