New low MP full frame from Canon?


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Jun 21, 2009
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It would probably be a good seller. Photokina is in about a month and ten days or so away now, so there could easily be an on-purpose accidental leak of the new gear...maybe on the Danish Canon site, or the German Canon site they will "accidentally" post some specifications and some photos of these new models!

I have a feeling there might be a 7D-like body, but with a larger FF sensor that will cause quite a stir.
Basically a FF built for speed in a compact body. Make's sense that they would go after that market since a 5Dmk2 is great for resolution but no speed. If this new line does come out, how will they market the 1Dmk4. It seems like it would make more sense to release this new sensor on the 1Dmk4 first, then a smaller more compact version later. Basically like Nikon D3, then D700.
Lets hope the specs on the 60D prove better. Not that impressive so I would probably go with the 7D

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