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Jan 22, 2022
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Calgary, Alberta
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I am new here - was into amateur photography back home in New York, and especially when I lived on The Plaza, in Kansas City. After immigrating to Canada, married w/four kids, I lost some of the "fever", moving to video, over "photos". I moved from film to my wife's digital in my signature, but I wasn't as "involved" as I was in NY and KC. Recently, my teenage son expressed an interest in photography, as a university minor. I was able to capture all of the cameras in my signature, minus my wife's Olympus, today, for less than CD$200. I am especially interested in my "new" Canon FTb-QL, and the plastic Holga. The Canon G12 - a $10 purchase - will be my go-to hiking/city walking/"beater" camera. I'd like to keep the Canon FTb in good working order, and am willing to pay to preserve it. The Pentax in my signature is now my sons. I am looking forward to learning a lot in this forum. Thanks for reading all this!
Welcome to the forum- I know little about films and Video, But look forward to seeing some post from you in due course. above all enjoy yourself here - we don't bite ( well some do lol )

Les :)
Welcome aboard.

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