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Mar 2, 2009
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South East Michigan
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hey everyone im Gian (pronounced John)

just joined theis forum and i have a few quiestions as i continue my photography journy but i figured i start by sharing some pictures. i just went to california for a few days and i had just bought a D40 a few weeks before that. still learning how to use everything and stuff but the dslr is so nice compared to the point and shoot stuff i had always used.

hope u like. let me know what you think



i took a lot more but these were Some of my favorites
They all look a little crooked to me to be honest. The First one is a tad under exposed and composition wise I think I would like to see the whole head. You cant control the weather so I wont beat ya up on that lol.

The second shot looks as though you meant it to be crooked but I dont care for it. Probably a little hard to fix now though. Also the hand is very distracting.

The last shot you focus is off. Assuming that the subject are the flowers towards the front and not the leaves.
thank you for the comment. i understand your points given and will definitly keep them in mind in the future. i am aware and upset tho that the third is not straight i liked the picture and the location but i was standing in mud and it was starting to rain agian.

anyways how about these two. the first is again at the golden gate with my d40 but the second is with an older digital camera(point and shoot) and its one i really like



thanks again

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