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Feb 5, 2012
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They all look underexposed to start.
#1 and 2, the bush branches in the foreground detract from the image (in 2 its the only thing in focus).
3 has great motion caught. 4 has a sliding horizon. And 5 needs some composition help, maybe crop in and get rid of some of the space on the bottom.
They're a bit under exposed because the lighting was really weird, late in the day with a bunch of clouds And I had to shoot at 1/1000.
Tear me apart guys!
I am new to the forum and a beginner and should not offer a comment, but I love water sports. No life vest, helmet and a wake skate rail...... Very bad combination in my book. I ski on a private lake .... water sports are inherently dangerous and proper safety equipment is a must.

The photos all seem dark... 1. subject is to far away 2. out of focus or settings not fast enough to stop the action 3. as my son tells me....take pictures so you can see their faces 4. the gesture does nothing for me, but it seems to go with the wakeboard/skate crowd 5. best of the group
I wear a vest when I'm riding deep freshwater, but most of the time we're in knee-waist deep saltwater with a bunch of people so we don't really worry about drowning.
and as for the to far away/out of focus thing on the first 2, thats kind of what I was going for but I can see why you wouldn't be into it.
Sorry to beat the safety issue....but I broke three ribs several years ago when I missed a landing while riding a wakeboard. And I was wearing an impact resistant wakeboard vest. Bad things happen fast....

If that was the look you were going for and you like the From a composition stand point...if you trust the rider's skill step out into the water at the end of the rail. And if you really trust the rider stand (low in the water) between the jet ski and the rider/rail. Shouldn't have worry about the rope with the rider up on the rail. Check out some of the wakeboarding websites like Transworld Wakeboarding for ideas. Someone else is going to have to help you with your exposure issues.
I was in the water for all of these. I shot a few from straight behind the rail (like 5.) its my favorite angle but all the spray from when they land was terrifying. I have more angles and some from a different rail on my flickr if you wanna check them out.
Thanks for the critique, and I know worked you can get wakeskating/boarding I've taken a couple slams to rails, but generally in shallow water I skip the vest. Not advocating it at all though

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