New Nikon FTZ II Adapter


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Mar 26, 2018
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Along with the quite spectacular Z9 preorder announcement came a new FTZ II adapter for Nikkor F mount to Nikkor Z mount. This one is slimmer and doesn't have a foot on it that some have found can get in the way when using Arca Swiss plates.

Check it out here: Mount Adapter FTZ II
I am glad to see this update. The tripod mount on the first iteration of the FTZ adapter was a huge inconvenience for anyone who uses a tripod. If you put the QR plate on the body, the FTZ adapter cannot be mounted. If you put it on the FTZ adapter, you have to remove it every time you change lenses. I never really saw the benefit of the extra mount point - if a lens is heavy enough that it needs its own tripod mount, it typically comes with one. An L-bracket is an easy workaround for the original version, but I would recommend this new version over the original any day.
I agree, didn't make much sense. But I just ordered an original FTZ used since it saved my around $70 buying a used FTZ2, and I rarely use a tripod.

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