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Feb 18, 2009
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No edits on these photos with any programs. let me know what you peeps think.:wink:
First one is cute... needs some contrast and brightness adjustments.

I kinda like the third one- not sure if it was intended, but the kid looking off sort of towards mom (?) in the background is kind of neat. And the slight off-angle is interesting. There are some interesting elements there. It's not flooring me, but it's interesting.

The other two are interesting experiments, but don't strike me as necessarily interesting shots. My advice would be to look at what is interesting in those (color, texture, funky focusing/zoom trick) and ask yourself how you can apply those tricks in interesting ways on subjects that lend themselves well to them.

For example, I saw a guy take a shot with that zoom/focus trick looking down on a spiral brick/stone area in front of a building. Really cool.
thanks for the compliments and advise.... the 2nd picture was taken while the kidd was under some purple curtains, so thats how i got that pruple look. And as for the 4th, i zoomed in then out with a slower shutter... But yea i will deffenatly try to get some more intresting shots.. anywho, i just recieved a "marco lenes" kit from ebay and took this photo, just testing it out.
None of these really do anything for me, sorry. None are in focus and the coloring on the first two is just weird. The only one that I come close to liking is the third one, but it's not in focus so it kinda kills that one for me.

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