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Aug 31, 2010
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I have just bought my first DSLR and these are a couple of my pictures from the first day. I would love any advice. Thanks!






get things off of the center focus point, move things around. Things that are centered are often not as intersting to look at. Read into what is known as the Rule of Thirds.

Basics seem ok, images sharp. The third has some under exposure issues me thinks.

Fun subjects would be nice too :)
I like your use of depth of field in all of the photos.

In number 4 I like the viewpoint, usually people photograph them from above the flower, not below.

I see that you are a new member of the forum, so I am just letting you know that you are more likely to get comments and critiques on your work if you actually post the image in the thread, rather than linking to it.

Here is a link for how to post pics on the forum:

Welcome to the forum, this really is an excellent place to learn and explore!

EDIT: I don't know what exactly happened, but when I looked at the thread the first time, links were all that I saw. I checked back and found all pics in the thread. So disregard my comments above^^^
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Sorry, I realized that I posted the links right away and edited the post.

Thanks for the replies so far...I do need to learn the rule of thirds!! These literally were the first pictures that I took when I got my camera last week so I have ALOT to learn:lol:
Then look into the book "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. Awesome read for any new photographer. Very easy read, great information
Nice depth of field in #1 and #2, but like bigtwinky said pay attention to the rule of thirds. #3 does nothing for me, I think the background is too distracting for me. You also might want to place the cat in the left third of the frame so it isn't looking at the right edge of the frame. Good job getting low on #4, I like it.
I am also relatively new to the world of DSLRs, and found reading some photo books helped with that.
Surely we all have our own preferences when it comes to learning, but I really thought that Scott Kelby's books were good. They are a quick read and are packed full of useful info, not only related to using your DSLR, but also involves photographic techniques as well. The 3 book set can be found on for about 43 dollars or I think about 17 each...

[ame=] Scott Kelby's Digital Photography Boxed Set, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (9780321678737): Scott Kelby: Books[/ame]
Since you've already got plenty of good photography feedback here, my advice is: Get a DOG!! <GRIN>
I don't mind cats, I just prefer dogs.

I doubt I will ever own a cat, but you can count on me owning many dogs in my lifetime...

Mostly because many cats have a really bad attitude and because you cannot take a cat out hiking with you... well, not like a dog
Thanks everyone for the advice!! I will definetly learn the rule of thirds.

I am taking a weekend trip to Seattle this weekend and can't wait to get some good pictures at the Space Needle!!

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