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Dec 28, 2009
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United Kingdom
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So I haven't been taking that many pictures at the moment been busy with work, weather isn't the greatest but today my sisters rabbit was playing around in snow (who knew they enjoyed the snow) thought it would make a good picture.

Cute bunny.

As for C&C, the lines in the bricks aren't level giving it a "tilted horizons" look. And I find the snow sticking to the house and in front of the rabbit as well as the flower pot to be distractions from your subject. Straightening and cropping would help, IMO.
Note the standard lop rabbit, "I disaprove of the world" expression! :lol: I agree with Redessa's comments and will add that I think the proximity to the brick wall is also a bit of a detractor as the lines tend to 'pull' at the eye. Good job for getting down to his (her?) level though. Most people neglect that, especially with smaller pets.
i think a shot of it just out in the snow would have been better... the pot and the wall keep catching my eye
<3 the bunny!!!
Bits of the snow are blown out, and the pot is distracting. Love his face though. It's also a touch tilted.
No offence taken, thanks for all the feedback, I was so cold while taking this picture and maybe thats why it isn't the best cause I rushed it trying to get back inside, also the fact soon as the rabbit saw me he decided to run towards me.

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