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    My name is Jeff Sheffer.
    We have just launched a new free community based video site featuring talent from all areas of the arts.
    The site offers video, audio as well as pictures and is designed to establish an online global community for the arts.
    It is brand new and somewhat barren however we have been promoting it strongly and we expect it will fill quite quickly.
    You are invited to upload any media you may have for the purpose of advertising or just to please those who choose to look and listen. There is a full forum as well which will offer true community capabilities featuring tips, techniques, opportunity for colaboration, classifieds etc.

    We hope to see you there soon and we intend to do our best to provide the most visibility possible.
    Youtube and Myspace are great but we will offer a more focused format where you can be seen instead of lost in the millions of
    non related videos.

    Thank you for your time

    Jeff Sheffer
    The Web's My Stage


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