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May 14, 2007
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just an fyi,

last week i sat in on a webinar from the HDR expose folks with a new product they will be releasing soon, it is call 32 float.It is used to tweak the image after the merge to give more control that is more specific rather than global and will allow one to move from 8bit up to 16, 32 bit files. I am sure they will have a trial version available.
They have also upgraded their HDRStudio to HDR Expose and if you own the first one you can get a free upgrade to HDR Expose. They are standalone programs.

I have used HDRStudio for the veiling correction feature.

ALso sat in on a webinar for the new NIk software that is coming out in Oct. It also seems interesting especially for anyone who has been using their products for the control point feature, which of course will be available in this product as well. It also has presets as all their products do.
May be worth a trial run

I have no finincal interest in any of these products, just passing along information.
I've been using the trial version of HDR Expose and I like it a lot. It takes a little longer to work the image than Photomatix, but gives much more natural HDRs in the end. I'll probably pay for the full version when the trial runs out. But, I'm waiting on Nik's to come out before I do that. I want to see how that one works as well.
I tried hdr expose I did not like it but if you think that is impressive check this out coming out october 2010

Nik HDR Efex Pro below I also included the webinar schedule check out the 30minute hdr intro it's amazing what it can do.
Starting next mont 1hr courses will be up for webinars
I know this because I have seen about 6 Nik Software webinars now.

Nik Software, Inc. | HDR Efex Pro

Image portion ©Copyright 2005 - 2010 Nik Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
yep, that is why i included the up and coming hdr from nik, it certainly looks interesting and the demo this time was more productive IMHO.
just an update.

got a message from my dealer this am and the Nik folks are going to be doing a demo in a few weeks in their store. So, of course i will drop in and see it in person.

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