New table for the balcony.

Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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In the country 60km north of Toronto, Canada
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Except for the banding on the top, it is completely made of Elm firewood that I cut into boards years ago. Elm is a ***** to work with, the grain is so twisty that tear-out cannot be avoided except by planing across the grain.

I had to glue up boards as nothing was large enough for the components.


After grain filler & 3 coats of poly.

Looks very nice.
Very nice. My shop used to look like that until it became a collection point for everything.
Nice looking table. I'd love to build a fancy computer desk in there.
Nice table, I won’t post a pic of my shop, you will pass out laughing (8*6 foot shed)
Today it’s 35 dec in the shed, way to hot to work in.

Nice work...
All my tools sit under a tarp because I dont have a work room.
Here is my offering.
Made from scrap wood. Pic one my source wood
Pic 2 a true built for my Mrs, the thugs are 32 inches high


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Nice wok, Ron. Time to load up the top with a plate of tasty snacks and a couple glasses of cold refreshments and enjoy a break with the Missus on one of these fine August evenings.
Nice table! I love homemade things. I have quite a few since my Dad used to do a lot of wood work.

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