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Jan 27, 2012
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Hello Guys i traveled and i shot of course a lot really a lot of photos i picked up some that look good (at least to me till find the mistakes)

Here is a link to a folder cuz they are alot

Alot of them are ISO 80 and with aperture pri. ,, nothing edited in the pc

And no Tripod used cuz i didnt buy one

only 2-3 images added effects from the camera .

Kindly visit the link and really really thanks in advance album PW 123456

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you should post your pictures on the forum to get a few responses.
And whats the point of a private album if you are going to give out the password?:scratch::scratch:
Well i skimmed through and i cant say that any single one caught my attention. You might want to do some reading on exposure and composition for starters.
well i wasnt on full manual mode so i cant fully control the exposure i only did for aperture and iso

and i dont think that 40 images is right to post in one thread i think :) if it is allowed i will i got np :)

and the reason i made it private in order not to be shared for the whole photobucket site ,,only for here. i think u got it now

and thanks for advice.
Here are some :)







If you are going to post several photos, it's best to number them. Overall, notice how your exposure is varying quite a bit. A few of these are underexposed quite a bit. Also, pay attention to everything in the photo. For example, #1 has someone's arm in the background. It is a strong color contrast and a very prominent line which is attracting about as much attention as your subject. In a photograph, I feel that there is no such thing as a neutral element.
The cake photo would have really caught my attention if the arm wasn't in there and it was placed in the center instead of the edge. The setup of this photo needs a bit more of a 'focal' point. I probably would have went at this on a different angle as well. I would have brought it closer to me so that the background was a seemless blur of the wooden table. Making it a bit cleaner overall.

As others have mentioned exposure is something that is something you need to work on as well.
The Cake Photo is Amazing, I just wish it didn't have the Arm's distraction like "LiquidGrace" Said ,
Well i skimmed through and i cant say that any single one caught my attention. You might want to do some reading on exposure and composition for starters.
The cake photo made me crave it! However, I agree that the arm distracts it and also the coffee cup. A more interesting location maybe?
I highly recommend you turn off the date display.

In general they are somewhat under exposed and are subject matter that offer little in the way of interest to a majority of viewers.
Well Actually i think my problem goes to exposure and composition as a lot said , am gonna read about both and practice.

i see that the Cake :) took a lot's interest if i knew that i would shot it 10 photos or more from many angles :) .

Thanks to everyone who replied, I appreciate it really.

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