New to DSLR - Need Help with my a390


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Feb 3, 2012
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I just bought an a390 a few months ago (my first dSLR). Takes nice pics most of the time.
However, when I try to take pictures with my long range lens (Sony 75-300mm) or my macro lens (an old Minolta macro - don't know specs) - I have problems.
They are:
1. When I have a nice shot, the camera will autofocus - out of focus. Seems to have a mind of it's own (I want to call it HAL at that point), and I can't get my original shot back in focus, and lose the moment.
2. When using the telephoto lens - it will focus on something other than I want it to (i.e. - when taking a picture of a bird in a tree, it will focus on the nearest branches, and the bird will be out of focus - and can't seem to get it in focus)
3. When using the macro lens, have a very hard time getting the picture in focus (even when using a tripod). When it does focus, it's a very small area of the subject that is in focus (i.e. when taking a picture of a penny, only Abe's beard will be in focus instead of the whole thing.
4. When trying to take a macro - there are times when it just won't let me take the shot, even though I am not too close.
5. Even though I put the camera in Manual mode, it won't let me set speed or apeture where I want - or the picture comes out too dark (this weekend, trying to take the "splash from a glass" shot, but the camera would not let me go anything past 1/160 even though I wanted 1/250. Needed to use the flash when I wanted natural light)

So please help. I love photography, but am getting very frustrated. Thanks for your help.
For the out of focus issues. How did you set the autofocus and have you tried setting it using the AF button ?

It sounds like in your coin pictures you are simply running out of depth of field. How close are you and at what aperture are you shooting ?

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