New to photography and having some problems and advice?


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Feb 8, 2012
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I just started to go into photography, and I hope to make it into a profession when I am older. Right now I am just 15 years old, I use my dad's Pentax K10D. I absolutely love this camera, it gives such great detail in the photos and we've had it for around 4 years and is in still AWESOME condition. Couldn't be happier with it other than the bad thing is, is that it doesn't do video.

I really love photography and I find it very addictive to do. I'm the kind of girl who you will never see her without her camera. I always found it fun to do, and I hopefully will get into photography when I'm older. I also want to be somewhere in the computer graphics area, so I thought that will fit in perfect.

Right now I'm just doing it as a hobby and I want to learn more about photography, etc.
Here is my album on Flickr with all my photos of my horse, Faith.
Flickr: QuarterHorse8's PhotostreamAnyways, like I said I use my dad's camera (Pentax K10D). I really like it, but have a small problem. It takes awesome action shots (running, movement, etc.) outside where there is a lot of light, however if I do it inside, less light, it doesn't do the best. It does prettyy awful. I try to take action shots in our indoor arena (and there's a good amount of light, but not enough i guess) and the photo turns out very blurry and not attractive what-so-ever.

Here is an example:

t has a good amount of light, but, its just so blurry!
I've tried using a flash but I don't think its working out too well.

What are some things I can try to do to make this blurry-movement stop?
It doesn't do this outside where there's enough light.

Are there other options?

Hi there! Welcome! Your horse is beautiful and you really do have some nice shots of her :) What is probably happening is that since there is less light inside the arena the shutter has to stay open longer in order to get enough light in to expose the photo. You would need to raise your shutter speed in order to get a clear photo. I am not sure if the camera you have is capable of adjusting shutter speed and iso, but if so increase both :) the higher iso will allow more light into your camera.
Increasing the ISO doesn't let anymore light into the camera.

The ISO setting changes the amount of electronic amplification that is applied to all the pixels on the image sensor.

When the ISO is increased, so is the amount of amplification. But, more amplification results in more electronic image noise too.

But paigew is right in that to cure the blurry, you need to use a faster shutter speed. Increasing the ISO allows you to use a faster shutter speed. So does using a wider lens aperture, which does let more light into your camera.

Having visible image noise in your photos is usually preferrable to having blurry photos.

The only other cure is adding more light, like with flash. The problem with that for shooting horse/ride action inside is distance, because of the Inverse Square Law. Inverse-square law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you want to be a Computer Graphics/Professional Photographer, I strongly recommend take some physics courses and pay close attention in your math classes.
You have a good starting base and are trying to see the image. Have PM'd you for further tips.

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