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Mar 21, 2012
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Washington, D.C.
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My friends have been bugging me about doing graduation and engagement photos for them, and I've finally caved. These are from a graduation shoot, and an engagement photo shoot and this is the first time I've done either.


Jason & Joss by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Jason & Joss by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Jason & Joss by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Jason & Joss by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Jason & Joss by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Jason & Joss by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Joe by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Joe by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Joe by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Joe by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Joe by R3d Baron, on Flickr

Joe by R3d Baron, on Flickr
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You should break your post up into two. One for the couple one for the grad.

2, 3, 6, 7 and 10 work the best. On 7 clone out that picnic bench and you are gold.
I really like #6. I find the foreground in #3 to be very distracting. For the grad, I prefer #7 and #10. The last one is a neat idea, but that bunch of grass that looks like it's attached to his nose really kills it for me.
Thanks for the input!
Holy purple trees!

Agree, I see a couple's shoot and a Grad shoot. Both are decent. A bit heavy on the vignette effect, I think that might have been better with a bit less?
Yes, that is what you see - it's what I posted.

I'm not seeing the vignetting you're talking about.
#1 - Purple trees! Wow, thought that was some fancy post-work for a minute. There postures are quite awkward, but if that brings up a happy/funny memory of whatever you were having them do, more power to ya. Nice exposure, composition.

#2 - Very nice. Did you do this in post, or were you actually shooting through something? I like the decision to go b&w for candid/faux-candid.

#3 - Very bold. The purple is very bright/hot, and sort of flat. I like the angle you shot them from, nice composition.

#4 - I like this idea a lot. The way you posed them is great. I wonder if the shot could have been more effective if shot straight on from the front (using the brick, windows as graphic elements, in a way?)

#5 - I like the creative angle, composition, exposure, the bright colors in the back are interesting without being too distracting. The posing and their expressions could be a little more relaxed though...it appears to be a candid shot, but he looks like he's having trouble walking straight, and their expressions seem somber.

#6 - This one is one of my favorites. The colors really pop, I don't think they're too bright though some might disagree. The couple looks 'in the moment' and happy. Lovely shot.

#7 - Good exposure, nice color, especially the red. The daylight is fantastic on his skin. I think you got a little too creative with the composition here, though. Sometimes dead center is all you need. The rule of thirds isn't always the solution. Personally, I would have cropped him dead center, maybe even vertically, and left out that picnic table which keeps pulling my eye away.

#8 - Nice. Interesting look, the cap and gown over t-shirt and jeans. Nice work with the background.

#9 - I like this one a lot. The b&w works nicely, you have nice shallow DoF, good tones on the face. You could have been a little more generous with the editing on his skin, though...his blemishes are quite noticeable, particularly the ones on his forehead. The cheeks might be birthmarks; I wouldn't change them if so.

#10 - Very nice. The skin tones are almost too hot, but I think you're good. It really pops and creates a nice effect with that fun outfit. Here I think the rule of thirds worked out nicely for you.

#11 - I like this idea. His posing is great, I like the environment you put him in. The tilt doesn't hurt, but I don't know if it really helps. I may have cropped in a little tighter so we can see more of him.

#12 - Grass in the teeth. Aaaaah!

Great job, keep it up, you can only get better and better. I'm sure these kids were happy with their shots.

Take care!
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For #2 I was shooting through the trees and using them to frame the couple. I didn't even think to any work on blemishes. I'll be sure to remember that for next time.

Thanks for your input!

And yes, they were very happy with their shots, and I was just as happy to have some guinea pigs!

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