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Dec 31, 2007
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Hello everyone,

I am an amatuer photographer currently using a kodak z612 6 mp camera. I enjoy the 12x optical zoom of this camera and all it's functions. But it really doesn't offer me the quality photos I require. Unless all variables are perfect (light, motion, etc...). It seems some people enjoy my photos and would like to buy them. So I am going to upgrade cameras.
I was originally thinking of the Canon S5 IS with it's 8 mp and 12x optical zoom as well. But someone mentioned to me that a digital SLR maybe the way to go. I have never used one of these cameras and have no idea where to start. My budget allows me about $500.00. I need a camera that will perform well in a high vibration enviroment and zoom way in. As I am taking the photos from a helicopter. Most important it has to take high quality photos. Lastly are digital SLR's capable of quality video capture as well?

Thanks for the help
Well pretty much you're looking at the Nikon D40 or a used older Nikon for that price range. I am unfamiliar with Canon but I bet there are some used older canons in that price. Look at for used dslr bodies. Your zoom is based on the focal length of the glass (lens) you get.
Most DSLRs (correct me if I'm wrong) are not capable of videos.

For $459 you can get a Digital Rebel XT from Amazon with the kit lens. However, the kit lens is very wide and doesn't zoom much. For about 150 you can get a cheap 75-300mm zoom lens to attach to it...but the quality isn't super duper.

If you think you'll have the money to upgrade in the future, go with an SLR because there is a lot more you can do with it....but if you only want to spend this $500 and don't want to spend any more in the next 2 years....then the S5IS may be a wiser investment.

EDIT: you can get a Canon G9 for $500 it looks like. That's a nicer P&S than the S5 IS I believe.
I would get a used Nikon D50 (should be $300 bucks maybe a little more) then get a telephoto zoom lens with VR. You can get the 55-200mm with VR for $250 new.
No DSLR has video capabilities. :(
Nope none that I know of. They are for photography and not for video. That is why I like Dslrs. If I want to shoot video I will buy a video camera. Being specialized makes them the best at what they are intended for.

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