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Feb 28, 2009
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Hey everyone Im new to the forum and was just looking for some feedback on a few pictures. I have been taking pictures for about a year now and just interested in what you all thought.





Haha, I never thought anyone could make riding a scooter look cool. I really love the 1st one scooter picture.

For the last photo, I love the silhouette, but I think i'd like it better if I could see SOME detail in the trees and house, but that's just my opinion.
One thing you might want to try is taking two exposures, one with the sky exposed well but with the silhouette, and the other with the houses exposed well, then merge them together so you get the best of both worlds.

What are you shooting with?

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Haha thanks, yea he's got some style and we were just messing around in a local place. But, yea ill give that a try for the silhouette and see how it comes out. I shoot with a Nikon d90 mainly, but also with a Canon a-1. This set of pictures was taken with the d90 though
No, its the Mt. Hope Bridge in Rhode Island, right on my campus

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