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Mar 13, 2009
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Hi, my name is Chris. I'm a mechanical engineer in Calgary, Alberta, and have been playing around with photography for the last 5-6 years. I started out with a simple Canon powershot camera... it was a good camera for traveling and took 'decent' photos. I have a few from that camera hanging in my house. When the motor assembly on the lens broke, I picked up a Nikon D50. It took great photos when traveling, but in low level lighting, I couldn't 'stop motion'. This became more and more restrictive when I was at the race track last year shooting motorcycles. After talking to a couple photography buddies, it came down to buying a new camera with a higher iso range, or buying a faster lens. I ended up deciding on a 70-200mm lens to go along with the 18-135 that lived on my camera. Well, when I finally coughed up the money for the lens, I also found a great deal on a D200... so I bought both (don't tell my wife how much these cost :mrgreen:). I recently picked up a 12-24mm Nikkor as well for doing some more abstract shots and to stretch the DOF. I'm still playing around quite abit, but have been hunting on line for some ideas/inspiration. I'll post up a few photos when I have some that I feel worthy of sharing.

I still like the simple b/w photos, but am getting more and more into color... lots and lots of color (Ken Rockwell type color). Still, I would have to say that Ansil Adams is my biggest inspiration due to the simple nature of his photos and the high contrast that he used.
Welcome aboard Chris.

I would normally add 'Flame Suck!'....but my Oilers suck much worse lately :er:

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