New Tshirt shots, new processing... does it work?


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Nov 12, 2006
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What do you guys think?


To me it just looks very oversharpened. Not a fan. Just my .02 though. I think your previous work is better.

Hmm. I have to agree on the top one, the sharpening is a bit much... but there is more going on here than just sharpening, notably a softening of shadows, and slight change of colors.

Strange as it is to critique my own work, I think the bottom one pulls it off well while the top one would've been better soft.

Oh, and I have it unedited here:

The processing isn't terrible...but I think it needs a stronger photo to really pull it off.
The processing isn't terrible...but I think it needs a stronger photo to really pull it off.

OK I can understand where you're coming from.

Here is a third one. This time, no sharpening tool used, but still a similar effect:

new one is way closer to what i'd like in the end.

stay on that path!
I like the newer one best.

How exactly did you accomplish that effect?

It's a combination of effects I've picked up off of the internets.

First, I create a new layer and then change the blending mode to soft or hard light. Then, I use a High Pass filter on the top image, but from there it depends on the image. Sometimes I'll use the Unsharp Mask, other times I'll use the Shadow/Highlight tool.

i really like the last one. my only gripe is the "glow." I think if you could mask out the glow from around her this one would be really nice.

personally, i think these need a slight vignette and maybe a cooler/bluer look.

i took a quick stab at it, I hope you don't mind...


this may not be at all what you were going for, but i didn't feel like I could explain what i was thinking.

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