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Aug 12, 2006
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This is of importance to anyone going to or flying within USA with camera equipment - US Transport Safety Administration (TSA) have issued the following:

Passengers will no longer be able to pack loose lithium batteries in checked luggage beginning January 1, 2008 once new federal safety rules take effect. The new regulation, designed to reduce the risk of lithium battery fires, will continue to allow lithium batteries in checked baggage if they are installed in electronic devices, or in carry-on baggage if stored in plastic bags.

Common consumer electronics such as travel cameras, cell phones, and most laptop computers are still allowed in carry-on and checked luggage. However, the rule limits individuals to bringing only two extended-life spare rechargeable lithium batteries (see attached illustration), such as laptop and professional audio/video/camera equipment lithium batteries in carry-on baggage.

Here is the link to the briefing:

Here is the link to the TSA for information:

As well as reading that page - have a look at the link at the top of that page to

And here is the link showing you how you should carry the 2 batteries you are allowed in the hand luggage:

DV Solutions reccommend contacting your airline for further advice as to how many batteries they will allow in carry-on baggage.
Thanks for the links, Fiendish Astronaut, as they provided some further information on the 'why and how' not covered in the other thread.

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