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Jan 6, 2008
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This is a shot that i took at a party i was at on new years eve of the firework cracking, feedback please.

20 views and no feedback please help... tell me your opinions
There isn't one central point of focus for the picture, nor is it a glorious firework exploding. Looks like you just pointed at it and shot, and didn't have a tripod. Sorry for the harsh-sounding comment, just my .02
I will agree with the above poster. There really isn't anything that just stands out or makes it. It looks as if you zoomed in very far to even get the shot and it is also very bright. The fireworks in general are pretty cool but it takes up way too much of the picture and its the only thing your looking at. Maybe if there was more of the sky around it, it would look better. Its just too much of the same thing in a small shot.
It has turned out pretty abstract. It no longer is a photo about fireworks, but about light trails ... and if you are not dead-set against post processing, you might play with this a little and enhance the sense of "abstract light trails" by trying to get as much background as black as possible as you can - try to bring out whichever colours hide in the trails, too. Don't give up on it yet, and shooting fireworks is not an easy thing to do, anyway.

Have you seen my firework pics? (I was lucky to be able to shoot a pro pyrotec display, though). Here and here and some more are in my blogspot - but not many.
i made it from a 1megapixel compact camera lol but now i got my canon 40d possibilities are endless so cant wait to get out there and start taking proper photos.

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