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Dec 15, 2007
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Hi everyone

I've been getting somewhat interested in photography in general lately and thought I'd look up a forum to get some help. I found an old Nikon EM as well as a few extras that I know nothing about and want to take up photography for fun.

Assuming I know nothing about photography, can anyone give me a link for a beginner's guide or something like that?

Thanks in advance!
DSLR_Noob's learnnig guide for noobs that are noobier than he...... (assuming no knowledge of photography)

What you'll need :
-A camera(the Nikon EM is the camera)
-1 reel of Film (unexposed)
-2 hands(2nd hand optional, but preferred)
-eyes(in working condition)

Step 1:
open the back of your camera by lifting the little little knob all the way on the top left up as high as you can.
Step 2:
place the film cartridge inside the camera with a little bit of film pulled out

you probably messed up............... try again

that's not the film cartridge that's a battery......

you know what, you're making this difficult. It's almost like you know nothing about photography. I give up.....

rule 1
google is your friend... use it dont abuse it (really abuse it? hmm i dont think you can...)
rule 2
SEARCH tool is your friend.. USE IT
rule 3
people are happy to help, and those who are jerks well just ignore them
rule 4
learn on your own just play around if you hear a cracking noise chances are you should stop
It appears the above posters are having a laugh for the weekend.

Use the search options to the top right. You should be able to get the first few questions answered, then phone in again.
Try your local library.
Man, you guys are cheeky...

Thanks for the serious responses :wink:

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