Newbie Looking for Critiques

Ok. The only real problem with this image in my opinion is the grass in front of her face. And if it didn't cross her eye and stuff it wouldn't be that bad.
Another nitpick would be that the horizon is tilted, or appears that way.
A little more light on the subject (especially in the eyes) couldn't have hurt.

I love the backlighting and the way it outlines her.

Some people would say 'the sky is blown' (too bright) or nitpick about the lens flare but I don't think either of those is an issue here and the end result looks good.
I would like to see this shot metered off her face instead of the background. The background would be blown out more then it currently is though. Or some off camera lighting would help too.

Beautiful lady!
i agree. there needs to be more light on the girl.. if you put a small strobe on the ground a few feet away from her waist and set it for a low amount of power it would have brightened her up and made a catch light in her eyes. hopefully it won't be too overpowering and you won't lose the rim lighting around her face.. and like the first guy said, get some scissors and trim the grass away and adjust for the horizon of course


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