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Aug 17, 2010
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Dallas, TX
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I'm pretty new to photography, purchased my first DSLR about a year ago. A little Canon Rebel XS. I've recently purchased a 40D (as in just got delivered this morning), I haven't got to play with it yet as I'm at work and it's sitting at home on the coffee table, but here are some photos I've taken with my trusty little rebel.




Please let me know what I can do to improve...
Congrats, new gear is always good!

1. Ummm... I'm afraid this one does nothing for me. Technically it's fine; the exposure is good, and the near edge of the thong is sharply focused, but without some insight into your reason for this picture I've got nothing else.

2. This one has lots of potential. The main issue is the blown sky in and lack of saturation. I think shooting at a different time of day (early morning) and with a polarizing filter would have made this a much stronger image. I would also suggest cropping a bit off the left side so that the left-most trunk of the tree is removed.

3. I like this, but I feel that there's too much of it. The horese looking at the camera is the main subject, but he (she?) is far to image right that he's not even all in the frame. I would suggest framing this more tightly and moving your position so as to include all of the animal. I would also recommend a much larger aperture (smaller f #) so as to render the background less sharply focused and distracting.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

My favorite is the first one. I wouldn't change a thing.

You found a beautiful scene for a photograph in the second one but I think I would have reframed it without the bushes on the left. I say that not knowing what's off to the right. A touch overexposed maybe?

There is something about the composition or balance in the third one that has me looking for a funny caption.

My personal feeling is your watermark is too large and attention-grabbing. It would make a good logo for a web page or blog but its too much for photographs. The less time I spend reading your watermark the more time I have to enjoy your photographs.

Don't get me wrong - all three photographs are pleasing. Good work.
......, and the near edge of the thong is sharply focused, ......
Cheers John. :er: That ^^^ made me jump off the VPN to view. Figures it's be a flip-flop.

OP, what John said, with one exception. On #3 you could have rotated yourself to the right and removed the church from the background. Of course we don't know what other distractions that may have added to the scene.
Thanks guys.... your right about the time of day, I need to watch that more, especially with the Texas sun in summer.

** back home we called them thongs as well, learned the hard way that in Texas they are referred to as flip flops. :lmao:

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