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Jan 11, 2008
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I just stumbled here after leaving my old forum (found some of the members a bit hard to take in their critiquing of others' photos), and seeing that the atmosphere seems to be much more positive and encouraging here, I thought I'd post a few shots for you to all pick apart.

My usual subjects: dogs! These are fairly specialized photos for show people looking to advertise, so there tends not to be as much originality as I'd like, but I do get to experiment with my own.


A typical ad photo (taken in full sun, unfortunately)

Lately, though, I've been branching out to more nature and people.




I'd love to hear comments. NOT working with a DSLR, unforutnately (still saving), but I do have a high-zoom Kodak Z-740.
I ADORE the 5th photo, it's so beautiful such great colour.

The rest are also great but could use a little more focus. :thumbup:
I love that you gave that squirrel the redish/orange eye! The flash on the squirrel picture is just a touch too powerful I think, very close to balancing well with ambient...very close. Good job, I love the sunset picture and the second dog picture. I'm not sure I like where the shadow falls on the first dog pic, but it was sunlight so there' not a darn thing you can do about it.
Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

Actually, nic, there was no flash at all on the squirrel photo. It was taken in full morning sunshine though, and in future I might scale down the aperture a bit. I had to get the shot quickly, though, and it takes a few minutes to set the manual aperture on my camera. Thank you though, for the comment on the second dog. That's an ad photo of one of my own dogs, and the white face makes her VERY hard to photograph, so I was pleased with it.

The sunset is my favourite, and I think best photo I've ever taken.

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