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Jun 5, 2006
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Nanjing, the capital of ten periods in Chinese history, is a city famed for its rich culture, long history and beautiful landscape.
  One of the eight great ancient capitals in China. Nanjing has a long history and is one of the first cities awarded the title of "Famous Historic and Culture City" by the State Council.
  Qinhuaihe River is an important branch of lower reache of the Yangtze River. It is regarded as “Mother River” by Nanjing people for its traversing the interior of Nanjing city. The river is separated into two branches are called respectively internal Qinhuaihe River and external Qinhuaihe River. The internal Qinhuaihe River with a title of “Ten li Qinhuaihe River”is the cream of the Qinhuai Scenic Zone. The Confucius Temple zone is by far the most prosperous, and the idioms, such as “Bring the painted dragon to life by putting in pupils of its eyes” and “A friendship formed in Childhood” originated here. The Qinhuai gaily-painted pleasure boat is formed with the northern vehicle and the southern boat. The Literature, “Qinhuaihe River in flourishing and bustle” written by Yu Boping, Zhu ZIqing, is the real record of Qinhuaihe Area of the time.
#2 is great. Works very well. Good shots.

It is hard to capture such a detailed in all those lights in a city like that. Curious...How did you take the shots (EXIF, tripod, etc.)
These are very colourful.
I like them a lot.
They take a long time in the upload - coming from a Chinese server - but they are very worth the wait!
But I think they should be in the General Gallery. I shall move them.
OK, Thank for LaFoto .
Because this forumn can't upload directly picture . So I have to link to my blog. hehehehe. I come from chine!

Follow is the info about these photos :
camera : Cannon A520
1 , 2 , 3 : F2.6 1/14 sec ISO:50
F8 2.0 sec ISO: 50 0 EV
beautiful night shots... so colorful... :thumbup:

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