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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by beetle_slayer, Aug 4, 2004.

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    OK, another group of night shot questions. I have read and read about night shots. Here is a setting to start with; In a dark place shooting the city with all the lights. I did some experimenting a while back and the shots mostly seemed way over exposed. I am pretty far away so I'm not sure how to meter it. Should I set it to spot and try to catch an area or should i use center-wighted? I want to see some shadows but an overall glow. It would be impossible to explain what I want, but I think y'all might have an idea. I used cheap 400 film with fast lenses (1.8 and a 2.8). I don't mind buying good film or shooting several rolls to learn, but I want to know which direction to head if I am getting washed out or too dark pics. Is a full stop too much? Should I leave the aperature te same and just change shutter speed? I had the camera set on Program and did not bracket. I am planning to go out tomorrow night and try a few more. I guess my question is: What do you meter off of if you want it brighter, or darker, and what do you meter off of if you are far away and there are multiple light sources (buildinds with lights, street lights, etc)?


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