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Dec 23, 2007
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Buffalo, NY
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Hi, all things considered I'm pretty much a noob, I dont have the greatest equiptment but I try to do the best with what I have, the biggest problom I have is my night shots, there so grainy, the camera Is a Cannon S2IS, If anyone has any good sugestions or can pick out what I'm doing wrong that would be awsome, thanks



well in this shot the grain isnt too bad (isnt over noticeable) in this shot try cropping out the car on the right, all it adds is light (which is good it lights up the car on the left, which i hope is your main object). on your camera you want to change your ISO if you can that'll effect how much grain. anytime shooting at night if you have a tripod use it, because you need a longer exposure time to allow more light into the camera.
Thanks camera mike !!! lol but a few things, I am using a tripod, the grain is horrable (look at the VW's headlight) and thanks for telling me about the ISO speed I'll try that, also what mode should it be in, I had it in night shot, and I thought mabye it would be better if I used manual mode and adjusted the shutter myself ?
For removing grain from a noisy pic, nothing beats Noise Ninja or Neat Image. Having tried both, I found NN super easy to use and VERY effective for removing noise from my pics.
thanks but is there a definte way to cut down on the noise from the beggining, cause it seems as though im using a totally wrong setting on the cam.
heres another one, it looks like it was taken with a cell phone, I know the camare has more than this, this was taken in auto night shot mode, so much for that.

adjust everything manually. set th lowest iso (50,100), the aperture from wide open to stopped down (depending on depth of field), and a pretty long shutter (5sec or whatever gets you close to an exposed image), the take a pic and look at the histogram to see how you did and adjust accordingly (f-stop or shutter speed).
thanks, how bout the shutter speed just adjust that till i have the desired light ?
I got a chance to mess around tonight and try a few things out, its not the greatest but its much better, thanks again to everyone who helped out.... god I'm such a noob, lol

Thanks, I coulda got more but the rent-a-cops showed up, this seems to happen way to often, anybody else have the problom, lol
I have had numerous encounters with the rent-a-cops. They never know what they are talking about, and they always want your camera... bastards.
haha yea well I guess that may look a little suspicious. :)

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