Night Shots - San Juan Bautista Mission

Shaun Liddy

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Nov 5, 2015
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I finally got a chance to get out and play a little with my new Tokina 11-20 2.8. I wanted to replicate a shot I took almost 10 years ago in San Juan Bautista at the mission with my old T3/kit lens. I drug a buddy with me who has never shot in manual mode to walk him through the basics with what I think is a T6i/kit lens.

In the picture I took 10ish years ago the mission lights were on so all the arches were lit up. I wanted a larger image to put it on canvas to print and hang in the house. I was bummed to find the lights off :( I will have to go back.

Post editing consisted of a pinch of sharpening, crop and compression. I think it would have not needed the sharpening had I refrained from wide open, but I was distracted helping my buddy :) Next time there I want to keep the light the same but play with ISO F/Stop and Shutter to find the sweet spot of this 7dmii/tokina combo.

Camera 7dMii
ISO 100
F/stop 2.8
Shutter 30 seconds
Focal length 11mm


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We turned around after a few minutes and took this. Again similar post processing, sharpening, crop compression.

Camera 7dMii
ISO 1600
F/stop 2.8
Shutter 1 second
Focal length 11mm


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    Mission 002 crop small.jpg
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Forgot to mention, on the shot with the moon, there is a hoya polarizer on the lens.

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