Nikkor 105mm 2.8 VR


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Sep 7, 2007
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Peachtree City, Ga
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About a month ago I purchased this lens from BH. I paid around 750.00. I have only used it a few times. I am discovering that my needs are more for a fast telephoto lens than a macro.

I would like to sell this one. I realize i am going to have to take a loss. ( Reduced to $600.00 shipped)

Now the question of integrity arises. I am posting a link to my ratings on another forum where I have sold several expensive items. Check it out and if you are interested, we can discuss further.

original Nikon and Canon lenses in good condition, often sell for about 90% of their original price on eBay. So if 750 is really a good price for the lens first hand, then 650 should be OK second hand.
I dunno, I dont think its a trust thing, I think the money is probably about right, they go for that on Ebay brand new but from HongKong:confused:.
Personally, I trust you more than HongKong with their "no Tax guarentee" garbage, theres a good chance a private seller such as yourself would sneek through English customs un-noticed, I think your a better shot for an international buyer.
No bull****, that lens cant be bought here for $900 nevermind 650 shipped.
trouble is, everybody wants a bargain.
You're probably right, people are looking for a bargain espicially this time of the year. There's no big hurry for me, its a chance for someone to save over $100.00.

The lens is brand new, I have receipt, box and all.

I'll wait it out.


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