Nikon 18-200 F3.5-5.6GII ED VRII DX for sale


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Mar 12, 2010
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So I'm in the process of going to FX and need to sell some of my DX glass...I've got a 18-200 VR2 lens in excellent condition for sale. its a great walking around lens, and and far as the superzooms are concerned, one of the best out there.
all the glass is clean and scratch free, it comes with a tiffen clear filter that it's had since I unboxed it. it also comes with a case (though it's not the original nikon one, its similar though, a little thicker padding than the original), hood, lens cap, body cap, and the box/maunal (if I can find it). These retail at around $850-900 depending on where you look, I'm asking $600 + shipping.

EDIT- this also comes with a very good circular polarizer (tiffen digital HT) with it's own padded case. the filter alone retails for $140...this is the filter from BH with reviews and such:



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So you can't use this glass in an FX camera...?

You can use it on an FX camera, but it is going to block a portion of the sensor. IIRC, some/all(?) FX cameras have a setting to only use the center(DX) portion of their sensor if you're using one of these lenses. Please feel free to correct me, my recall is shady on the topic.
you're right, you CAN use it on an FX camera, but it works in DX mode, since the DX lenses weren't made to cover the larger FX sensors, so on my D3s, the largest image I can take with it would be a 5.1MP shot. which is pretty limiting for me, on the D800 it wouldn't be so bad since the DX mode on that is like 16mp or something...but I'm also upgrading to the 24-70 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8 VR2 lenses, so I've got the same focal length covered.

the same thing goes for really any DX lens, I've also got a 35mm f1.8 DX lens I'll be selling too.
How much for the 35mm 1.8?
edit 2/24 - sold the 35mm locally.
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Bump for lower price...$600

this lens also comes with a excellent condition very high quality circular polarizer, a Tiffen digital HT with it's own padded case. see the first post for details
bump, still around, I'm open to reasonable offers as well.

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