Nikon 400MM AF-I 2.8 "The Beast"


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Dec 8, 2011
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Selling a 400mm AF-I 2.8 lens. $3750, own an AF 400mm 2.8 for a fraction of the price of other models. with the same image quality. has 1 more ED glass then the newer models as well.

so here is the background, I bough it and it needed to be repaired, the ribbon cable and mount were broken.

I had Kirk Camera repair fix the lens. it now has a 6 month warranty through them. the warranty is transferable, they told me. it was brought back up to Nikon specs. they are a Nikon authorized service center as well as BBB accredited shop, so I feel pretty good about them standing by their word. the lens got their top quality service that included repair of the needed parts and a complete cleaning as well as AF calibration. the 6 month warranty is all inclusive including AF-motor and all.

Now more about the lens, its in good shape. there is on very tiny scratch in the front element as shown in the photo. the body is in good shape, it has a few LA-Times on the body. the case for the lens is in very good shape, has keys as well. Autofocus is very fast and accurate, I have a 500mm VR, and I wouldn't say its much slower, just a little bit louder. AF-I 400mm is very similar to an AF-S motor in speed, unlike other 300, 500, and 600mm AF-I models. I have used an AF-S I 600mm and I would say the 400mm AF-I is just as fast AF wise, or maybe even faster.

of coarse this lens is heavy, its about 14lbs. its all metal, but it is a tank and it sure to last a life time. AF and manual focus are accurate and smooth as well as fast AF.

I was going to keep the lens but I cannot afford it as not having a job at the current time.

questions please ask... price is shipped and includes the paypal fee.






a few sample photos taken with the lens recently handheld. oops my shutter was 1/125th second, so they are not super sharp sharp.





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Oct 16, 2011
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That's a nice lens.

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