Nikon AF-S 35mm DX F1.8 Nikkor Lens - Release date?


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Oct 20, 2008
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Long Island, NY
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When will this lens be released? There is only a pre-order option available on amazon.
Amazon might be out and awaiting a new shipment -- or maybe they're just very slow about updating!
Amazon is probably waiting for shipment...mabye you could try some where else, or just put your name on the pre-order list. Im sure it will be soon
yeah dont be afraid to shop somewhere OTHER than amazon :p
amazon has it for $200! everywhere else i look its nearly $100+ more!
Its at for 219. Think it was the right lens. Its also backordered right now but I believe their located in NY so you might be able to do a local pickup when it comes in and save yourself the trouble and money on shipping.
yeah, its in NYC, im on the island...i would have to pay tax there though. its cheaper to get it on amazon.
Amazon do run out of stuff very quickly, from my experience.
But the reason they run out so fast is because they sell to such a large amount of people all across the world.
I remember when one of the new Harry Potter Books was about to come out i was at one of there warehouses and that had at least 30 trucks full of those books that were ready to be shipped out it was crazy.
True, I forgot about the tax issue. I'd say just order it now and wait for it. You might be able to give amazon a call and ask them when it would be in by?

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