Nikon D200


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Dec 5, 2007
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Looking to sell my Nikon D200. Asking $1100


BODY ONLY! NO LENSE.. that was the only picture i had on file.

Comes with:
Nikon D200
Battery Charger
MB-D200 Vertical Grip (worth $150.00)
LCD Cover
Mirror Cover
USB and Video cables.
Original Books and Packaging

Camera is in great condition. On a rating from 1-10, 10 being BRAND NEW, i give this camera a 9. No scratches. Never been in a dirty inviroment. Mostly in classroom. I had this camera for only 5 months for college and wont be attending school for that any longer. It does not come with a lense because a kid in my class bought it off me already

I am seeling because i am no longer taking up photography for a career and i am hurting for money. Being i wont need a camera as complicated at the nikon D200 ive decided to get somthing back for it.

on Nikon D200 BODY ONLY.. USED...sells for $1249.00. And does not include MB-D200 Verticle Grip.
Not to mention you dont know what kind of condition it was in when they received it.

I am a college student, only used it for in class projects and occasional outdoor shoots and promise you its worth it.

Please let me know, or repost if interested. I will check it often through-out the day for the next week or 2. Then i will list it on ebay.
Sorry keith, i do not need another digital camera at this time. Money is tight for me and a camera is the least of my worries.

My buddy from college bought my lense. i had a 24-70mm f/2.8 that he bought of me for $1200.

So im only selling the body for $1100 OBO

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