NIKON D300 $199 w/ 18-55MM VR Bundle Low Actuations

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    This is a Nikon D300 originally purchased for $1,200, This in an aluminum bodied weather sealed semi-professional camera that is still easy to use and a standard in the Photography world. There have only been 33,000 actuations (pictures taken) on this camera which is lab tested to take 150,000 or more. It is in near mint condition. Has never been dropped and I am selling it along with the battery (which has a long life) the charger, a 4GB memory card, a card reader for getting images onto your computer and a remote timing system. The remote timing system uses a CR2 battery which can easily be found on amazon. My last battery lasted for more than 2 years. The lens has no scratches either. I am selling because I switched brands and they are not compatible with each other. Shipping is $15 in the U.S. I have business Paypal account - you will not need to have your own Paypal account to purchase.

    DSC07624.JPG DSC07625.JPG DSC07626.JPG DSC07627.JPG DSC07629.JPG DSC07630.JPG DSC07631.JPG DSC07632.JPG DSC07635.JPG DSC07636.JPG

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    still available??....askingfor a friend.....(seriously)

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