1. SnappingShark

    Nikon Z9 - barely used

    Nikon FX Z9 Bought this maybe 4 months ago for Alaskan Wildlife. Maybe 2000 shots on it which is nothing. Battery is untouched as you can see its still "new" - the 28 shots is just what I've taken since last charge. Comes with peak design strap, sensor cap, original battery and charger - along...
  2. Bryan Pereira

    Lion Portrait

    D850 1/800 iso 400 200-400 f4 at 300mm Mara safari
  3. Bryan Pereira

    Cheetah Snarl

    D850 1/4000 iso 400 200-400 f4 at 300mm Mara photo safari day2
  4. Bryan Pereira

    Elephants in the Grass

    Some more from day 1 of my photo safari Mara D850 1/640 f8 iso 400 200-400mm f4 at 400mm
  5. Bryan Pereira

    Elephant in Water

    Mara. A shady spot provided even lighting but pushed the iso a bit, still not an issue. D850 200-400 f4 1/833 iso 1110
  6. W

    Nikon F3 focusing screen and finder

    I have recently acquired two unused F3 bodies. One of which had this 90 degree DW-4 finder and a focusing screen K neither of which I have seen before. I have found an identical finder on eBay but cannot find any more info. I am assuming that the screen is to pair with the finder for medical...
  7. TeresaOnTheHudson

    Second Camera Body

    I bought a Nikon D3500 two-lens Kit with an AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens and an AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED telephoto lens three years ago and it has served me well. I bought a wide-angle lens AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II recently in preparation for a trip...
  8. nerwin

    Nikkor Z 35mm f/1.8 S Review

    I've had this lens now since last summer and I'll be honest it was kind of an impulse buy. Nikon frequently runs good sales on the Z lenses and this one was $150 off at the time so I snagged one up. I've always wanted to try this lens because I heard many mixed reviews about this time and I...
  9. NellsPhoto

    Coolpix P900 button and shutter volume

    HELLO folks! Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the volume of the Nikon Coolpix P900's shutter and button volumes? I like to hear them but they are VERY loud! Curious, as I am new to Nikon... THANKS!
  10. nerwin

    Dutchman's Breeches

    Found these while walking around my property, it was raining pretty good but figured Nikon cameras are pretty well sealed so took the chance. Nikon Z6II + Z MC 105 2.8 VR S
  11. nerwin

    Gloomy Spring Day

    I have to admit, this is one of my favorite photos I've taken in a while that is almost exactly what I had in mind so it nice to see it become a reality. Nikon Z6II + Nikkor Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S - f/3.5, 1/800th, ISO 200 spring rain by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  12. KirstyMcFarlandRice

    Creative Flower Macro

    I've been trying out some new techniques with flower macro photography and I recently switched from Lightroom to ON1 for my editing.
  13. C

    D3100 shooting underexposed

    I have a Nikon D3100, shooting on manual. It’s been shooting fine the last few days, I’m learning how to adjust aperture, shutter, and ISO to fit the needs of what I’m shooting. Today I turned it on and everything it shoots in massively underexposed. I’ve adjusted everything to try and fix it...
  14. D

    Z Mount Lens Shopping

    I recently bought a Nikon Z 7ii. Currently just using a Z 50mm 1.8. Getting used to a New Focus system, body, and mirror less system. I like the 50 1.8. For the price and the overall difference in quality, I don’t personally believe the 1.2 is worth it for what I need. The 1.8 is exceptional at...

    External flash

    Hi all! I am very new to photography as a hobby, so bear with me :) I have a Nikon D3200 and an Andover DA-560II external flash. Not the fanciest gear, but i think its ok for an amateur as me :) When i mount the flash on my camera, i can't get the external flash to work. The flash itself works...
  16. C

    Wrong hour on lightroom

    Hello everyone! I am renaming my photos automatically with the time of the shooting - days, hours, minutes and seconds included. For some reason, my file names aren't okay for one detail : the hours are delayed and appear 2 hours too early. Let's say that it is 5:06 PM, my photos will be named...
  17. P

    DSLR lens compatibility

    Hi, so my grandfather gave me his old camera gear and was wondering if any of these could fit on my DSLR Nikon D3400? And if i would have to buy any lens mount adapter? Thanks in advance
  18. Trevor Harris

    Nikon Flash Technology

    Hey all, My gear is about 10 years out of date and I've been considering upgrading. I currently shoot Nikon D300s, I have a Nikon Flash, a yongnuo flash, and yongnuo triggers to run the system. I would have thought that by now Nikon would have: a) A body to trigger Nikon flashes WITHOUT the...
  19. G

    What settings would work out better for me?

    Hi guys, I have been working as a photographer for nearly two years now, and recently something quite embarrassing happened to me. I met together with another photographer in order to shoot some pictures of each other, so we would both have some new content for our websites etc. When we took...
  20. cinimodphoto

    Stepping out of my normal bounds

    So I typically do landscape, nature, mountains, and animals. I lately though have been spreading out cause where I currently live I am not a fan of the "landscape" here and was getting burned out. So I started going out at night doing what I called "Nighttime Moments", so here is some of my...