1. Y

    FS Nikon Z7 Low Clicks W/ 24-70 F/4 S lens FTZ adapter

    Price: $2,450.00 Payment method: PayPal Very good condition Z7 less than 4000 clicks charger/battery and 4 third party batteries with dual charger and third party grip FTZ adapter with box like new condition Nikon 24-70 F/4 S lens excellent condition Sony XQD 64GB with card reader LM-N.Z...
  2. Nikon74

    Sold: Nikon D610

    Item sold
  3. T

    Buying a used Nikon D500

    Hello everyone, I found a used D500 for 580 dollars. The seller lives in the same city as me, and claims the camera is fully functional. It has a shutter count of 371000. Normally I would not be able to afford such top of the line camera for a long while, but this seems like a good...
  4. ulrichsd

    Switching to mirrorless from DSLR (Nikon D7000)

    Hi all, I started with a D90 and upgraded to a D7000 that I've had for the last 8 or so years and it has served me well. I have been wanting to upgrade to a full frame (for improved depth of field and newer model) and have had my heart set on upgrading to a D750 and adding something like the...
  5. Markw

    720nm Infrared-converted Nikon D800 Body

    I'm switching systems, so all of my equipment has to go! I purchased this camera new three years ago, and as of today it ha 39,972 actuations on the body. It was converted to 720nm by Kolari Vision and has done me very well! It's in practically new condition. I've attached some photos taken...
  6. C

    Nikon Z5 for low-light product photography?

    Hello, I was looking to purchase a strong yet basic beginner-intermediate level DSLR for product photography. Today I went to a local shop and was very disappointed in what was sold to me (A mirrorless Canon M50 EOS Mark II)- I felt it was a step backward instead of forward. I am used to...
  7. Carla Seals

    How did you start your family/child Photography business? Opinions on photos and pricing help.

    I've always loved photography and just buckled down to get my first camera! I purchased an entry level Nikon z5 and have the the 24mm-50mm lens kit, and also just purchased the 85mm 1.8 lens. I've watched video after video on how to improve my photos and on editing flow but I have found its just...
  8. G

    Nikon D300S Dark View Finder and Photos Please Help

    I hav a D300s with under 14K shutter counts. Currently will not take any of my DX or FX lenses (dark view finder and pohotos). As a matter of fact, it only works with a 20mm F2.8 AF Nikkor lens. Live view is also dark with DX lenses. Dark photo shows with DX lens, bright photo with 20mm F2.8...
  9. seleniumcell

    Is it the rear screen or the motherboard that is bad on D300S?

    Blue backlight glow appears when Play, Menu, or LiveView are selected. Goes away when it should. HDMI out displays menus and images. Otherwise, camera functions normally. I got this camera cheap and can return it to owner or could decide to keep and fix it. New rear display is "keep". New...
  10. Jeff15

    Which beginner camera for start?

    There are lots of compact cameras on the market, take a look at the Panasonic range.
  11. E

    Question about Lens Adapters

    Hello there Time to put your camera expert brains to work. ;) I am currently using an Olympus e-500 camera. I am currently saving up to buy either a canon or Nikon camera. But that purchase is still a ways off. I am looking new lens and the Four Third style has been discontinued. Thus I am...
  12. J

    Nikon F50/N50 "double aperture" weirdness, is this normal?

    Hey folks! Forum newbie here. I'm selling off some of my camera collection and when testing my F/N50 (w/o film), I noticed that no matter what aperture I set in manual mode the camera seems to apply near to maximum aperture for half a second after the shutter closes again after an exposure...
  13. D

    Do better Nikon lenses fully work with the d5300?

    I've heard that the autofocus (and maybe other features) on the more expensive Nikon lenses don't work on the D3500. Is the same thing true with the D5300?
  14. B

    Sony a7 ii bundle?

    I shoot Nikon D3300. Costco has new $999 promotion bundle of Sony a 7 II . Shows it as ILCE&M2K/B. 24.3 MP. It has 28.70mm lens, 32g card so was looking to try mirrorless for no specific reason. Can someone tell me what the ILCE&M2K/B all means? Also says Exmor CMOS sensor. What is this...
  15. M


  16. M

    More Macro shots of my little backyard.

    Sunny day after work decided to bring out the Macro 105mm 1:1, nothing further. Tell me what ya'll think.
  17. M

    Use Nikon D5600 as webcam

    I'm trying to use my Nikon D5600 as a PC webcam, but when I connect the camera to the PC (Windows 10) with a Micro USB cable (to be clear, the same I usually use to transfer photos from the camera to the PC), and I try to open Windows Camera, this message appears: We can't find your camera [bla...
  18. E

    Next Nikon Body after D7000

    Hello everyone, similar questions have likely already been asked, but let me try to outline my di(tri?)lemma I own a D7000 since 2011 (shutter count at 50k+) and by and large I am very happy with it. I own quite a few lenses, several of which are also FX compatible (50mm/1.8, 85/1.8, 70-300...
  19. N

    Lee Filter SW150 adaptor and filters - Nikon

    Hey, I have just put my Lee filter SW150 set up for sale. Please see the link, Lee Filter SW150 Set (Nikon) - Mint Condition | eBay Thanks very much!
  20. Markw

    Sigma 180mm F/3.5 HSM IF 1:1 Macro for Nikon

    Lens is in almost perfect condition! A small spot of finish loss on the tripod collar, rubbed off by the camera bag. No dust, scratches, or fungus on any of the elements or aperture blades. Comes with both lens caps and Sigma lens bag. Located in Maryland, but am more than happy to ship it...