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nikon D300 / D700 grip with AA's


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Feb 28, 2009
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Im about to buy the MB-d10 grip and was wondering if anyone has shot with it loaded with the AA to crank up the speed. if so, how mutch life did you get out of it, or im i doomed to spend the 250 for the el-4 and charger
I went with the AA's. Couldn't justify the cost of the EL-4, plus, plus.

I don't have the grip mounted all the time, just when I want the extra fps or will be shooting a lot of portrait oriented images or to weight balance the heavy lenses. I haven't had a problem yet, but I keep extra batteries on me anyway.
EN-EL4 imitation on Ebay... a meagre 50 bucks WITH it's own charger... I get 2200 14-bit RAW shots on a single charge using the MB-D10.

There is NO reason not to have 8 FPS on a D700 anymore. ;) :D
The AAs will give you plenty of power. I always carry extra as it is myself. I dont like to be caught with out enough power.
wait, so you get 8fps on the d700 with the grip?

I used the AA's once and they dont last anywhere near as long as my En-EL4a

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