Nikon d3300 kit question

The only good parts are the camera body, zoom lens, camera strap and battery charger i.e. everything that you get as part of the Nikon package. The rest is just junk. Also note the description at the bottom of the page "Digital SLR Camera - Gray" - you are getting a gray import with no Nikon warranty within the USA.

Bottom line - don't touch it
As usual in these bundles most is crap.
I dont like these offers, in most cases you will find you dont use most or will buy in the future better quality stuff.
Me personally I would buy just the basic camera kit which is camera body and kit lens and add what I want.
Why pay for useless stuff or low quality stuff ?
There is no US manufacturer's warranty, and the "two extra lenses" are not worth much, IMO.

If you should need warranty work on the Nikon stuff, Nikon USA will not touch it. The chance of actually needing warranty work on a new camera is quite slim, actually, but if such things are important to you, then I'd recommend that you pass on this deal.

There are plenty of other retailers out there, so keep looking. But not necessarily on e-bay. Just go directly to the retailer's websites or call them.

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