need 28mm or 35mm m42 glass recommendations

C Baker

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Jun 14, 2015
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Hey all! I just discovered the wonderful world of the m42 mount lenses. I found a JC Penny 135/2.8 that surprised me on how sharp it is wide open. I also have a Cimko 28/2.8 that is less than impressive. Reading and researching all these different lenses and reviews has made my head hurt and left me more confused than a bipolar schizophrenic chameleon in a bag of skittles. So I turn to you guys for a little guidance. I am looking for a 28mm or 35mm (either one works for me) fast glass that has respectable WO sharpness and is almost tack sharp when stopped down. The intended use is for the usual landscape/group outings/family shindigs,etc. What would be your recommendations that won't break the bank? Say $60ish more or less (preferably less ) range?

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