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Dec 16, 2007
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Hi! I'm planning to get a new DSLR camera and I'm leaning on the Nikon D40X. Would you recommend this for a beginner? Also, my dad has Nikon FILM lenses around, are film lenses compatible with the D40X?

Thanks for the help.

D40x is an excellent noob DSLR! Sadly the other lenses are not going to work. The d40x is limited to AF-S/I lenses IF you want your auto focus feature to work. Auto focus is essential for noob photography.
There's quite a lot of information, and plenty of varying opinions, in this thread: link.

Almost all Nikon F-mount lenses can be mounted on the D40x, but they may only work in manual focus, and the metering system may not work.

This is the camera I have. While it's a good camera and has lots of options for a beginner there are others that are good as well. You can use your fathers lenses and they will work without the auto focus features. IMHO that is great since you will want to get your practice in learning how to do everything manually anyway.

My recommendation and this has worked very well for me so far is to go ahead and do everything manually in the beginning. It will help you get to know your camera soooo much better. If you do go with the Nikon then make sure you don't use the graphic settings for your setup. Use the classic setting to get better control and exact settings for things like the f-stop. I also recommend you get the Nikon D40x Magic Lantern Guide by Simon Stafford. It will make a good companion and tell you what you need to know about your camera in much more detail than the manual that comes with it.

Also look for the package deal. I got the 18-55 mm lens and the 70-200 mm lens as well and paid much less than if I wanted to get the 70-200 mm lens seperately.

Hope that helps.
why not get the plain old Nikon D40 instead and save some money, or get the D80.

There's no compelling reason to get the X over the regular one. Get a lens instead..
Thanks for the info! :thumbup:
You'll definitely hear from me when I get the camera!

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