Nikon D5000 Formally Announced


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Jan 19, 2007
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The CLS, 11-point AF and D90 sensor are very interesting. The flip-screen LCD, additional idiot modes and HD video and extra FPS.... not so much. If it had some semi-dedicated controls as on the D80/90, I'd be more interested, but as it is... close, but no cigar for me.

The 10-24 AF-S, now that's interesting!
Im sorta a Canon guy, where does this Nikon fit in level wise with the others?
Is it better than D90? Worse then D300?
The main differences here with the D90 are the built-in AF motor and semi-dedicated shooting controls. The only things the D5000 has over the D90 are the flip-screen LCD and additional idiot modes. Seems like a upsell plot to me.

Nikon is really starting to tick me off.
It looks like it's to the D90 like the D40x/60 was to the D80. However the spec is much closer. I can see this eating into the D90 sales.

The blurb says "optimized for AF-S and AF-I lenses" which suggests there is again no focus motor.

I'll be watching this one with interest.
This is a direct replacement for the D40-D60 line. I see them getting rid of all of those models in favor of this. My main complaint is that it uses SD cards, It doesn't have an AF motor, It has the same internal control system as the D40(meaning you have to go into the menus to do anything) and it has a slow flash sync. I wouldn't buy anything other than full frame now anyway, but I would say that this thing is an entry level camera. On par with a Canon XSI...

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