Nikon D80 meter

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Sep 26, 2007
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I've heard that the Nikon D80 doesn't do i good job meter an often blows out the edges of the pictures, has anyone ever had this happen to them or can tell me if i was wrong i would love to be:] thanks
A meter doesn't do anything but try and reproduce 18% grey. There are lots of different metering modes and ways of using a meter and any undesired results are usually due to user error. That being said, meters due have a margin of error, but this would have nothing to do with the edges of a frame.
nothing will blow out only the edges of a frame because it was metered wrong...

Sometimes you get blown out highlights, but that's just cause the meter is being "tricked" This is part of the learning curve of photography, is to know when the meter is wrong.
alright thanks guys, i think ive been reading to many reviews its messed with my mind haha

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