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Nikon D90 + 35mm 1.8...


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Jun 20, 2010
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Price: $575.00 or best offer
Payment method: PayPal

I bought this D90 in July as a backup, and it's seen the light of day one single time for about 30 minute while I shot details at a wedding. Since then its been in my camera bag. It had about 2500 actuations on it when I bought it, and I put about 200 more on it. It is in immaculate condition, with one minor flaw. The LED display inside the viewfinder is out. Estimate from Nikon is about $200 to repair, and I don't want to go through the trouble. I've adjusted the price of the body to reflect the repair. Comes with box, manuals, packing material, cords, charger, battery, battery cover, body cover, and all original items in the box.

Also includes a 35mm 1.8 lens. This lens was bought in August or September. I've used it once at the wedding mentioned above. Has had a filter on it since I unwrapped it. Includes blank warranty card etc. Rear cap not shown, but will be included. AS NEW CONDITION. I'll include the B&H receipt if I can find it.

$575 for the pair, or make me a reasonable offer.

Not willing to separate at this time. I will cover shipping via USPS insured. Add 3% for paypal fees.

More photos at For Sale - a set on Flickr
DSC_0014 by ChristopherCoy, on Flickr
I guess I should say that its only the green LED strip at the bottom of the viewfinder, where the meter readout and aperture are. The grid lines and focus points are operational.
Would you sell the 35mm seperate or just as a package? I might be interested if you are.

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