Nikon F & Lenses....$625.00 O.B.O.

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by estatebrent, May 7, 2008.

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    Here is some info on this camera:

    1-Nikon F Body, serial #7090777, it is silver/black as you see in the pictures.
    The camera body is in decent shape for its age, and is complete.
    Body does have some minor scratches and a small dent in the front right (see picture).
    Body does have some minor paint wear on it (see picture).
    Also, looks like someone tried to “pry” open the back door a little, so there is small minor marks on the sides, but not to bad (see pictures).
    I have tested some of the things that I could test, and it seems like everything works?
    I have tested the dials also, and they seem to work freely.
    The meter on top seems to work, the needle does move when button is pressed. Looks like there are scratches where the battery covers where it goes for the Photomic (see picture).
    I opened the back door where the film goes, and it looks pretty clean to.
    I would want to say give this camera a tune up, or a good cleaning this would be an awesome set-up!

    1-Nikon Photomic Unit, Looks pretty clean, the body does have some paint wear, but not to bad (see picture)?

    Camera Lenses:
    1-Nikon Nikkor-H Auto f=85mm 1:1.8. This lens is in good shape, but the “filed” Nikkor name on the side of the body itself, and the body does have some minor scratches here and there (not the lens). I have turned the dials and it seems to work fine and freely. Inside the lens looks good to me, but it might need some minor cleaning, or a tune up?
    1-Albinar ADG 80-200mm 1:3.9 MC Macro Zoom Lens, Is pretty good looking, I don’t see much of anything wrong with this lens. I have tested the dials, and they all seem to work freely. Might have some minor scratches on it. I would give it a cleaning, or tune-up?
    1-Vivitar Automatic Tele Converter Adapter 2x-3 Lens, looks decent also, I have mounted it and seems like all the dials move freely. Does come with a small hard case with this unit. Might have some minor scratches on it. Maybe give it a cleaning, or tune-up?

    Flash Items:
    1-Vivitar Auto 252 Flash, with soft case. This unit looks like it wasn’t used that much. Might have some minor scratches on it
    1-Nikon as-1 flash mount, looks good to. Has been used, and does have some minor wear and tear on it, but not bad (see pictures).

    Misc Items:
    1-Escort Soft Camera case, this is in good shape also.Blue in color, with shoulder strap attached on.
    1-Nikon Hard Camera Case and its in good shape also. It does have a little leather wear on the inside of the top area.



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    $625? Really?

    I might just be that ignorant about antiques, but 625 doesn't sound right to me.
  3. Helen B

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    The price does seem very high - three or four times too high.

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    Things are worth what someone pays, not what non-serious onlookers think.

    I pass many gas stations because they post prices higher than where I buy.
    But I don't stop at each one and tell them their price is high.

    Brent, I hope you get your outrageously high price (I didn't just say that, did I? Really?) .
    I recently gave a better 'F' outfit to my eldest granddaughter and she values it just as you do.

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