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    Hey im new here, Im Aspiring Amateur Photographer, Right Nwo Film Only..

    Well A Friend Purchased a Nikon F65d , a whiles back, and never Used, it, brand new in the box, hes Switched Over to Digital Only, And Gave it to me...

    No Lens though...

    Just asking a Quick recommendation on Lenses out there....

    Main point of Interests Are People mainly I Love to Do Shots Of People, And Abstract Shots of People with With Lots of Noise in the Background...

    Thanks in Advance

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    Since you have no lenses for your camera, and since you like to do people photography, I think you should consider buying a zoom that includes the 85mm through 105mm focal length. Say a 28-105mm zoom, or something similar. That way you'll have a wide setting for group shots or architecture, and a short telephoto setting for portraiture. Later on, you can add another, like an 80-200 or so, that'll provide you with moderate telephoto capabilites, which are better for sports, wildlife, etc.

    As to which brand and which particular model, whew! That depends on lots of things, probably paramount being how much you have to spend.

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