Nikon FA - shutter/ DOF preview button problem


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Feb 24, 2021
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I purchased a Nikon FA one year ago on ebay and it worked perfectly until last week. I went out to shoot in a cold day and the shutter sometimes didnt want to fire. I was first thinking it might be too cold and that would be the problem. After I used the DOF preview button (which from beginning when I bought the camera was quite loose), it got uncoupled -first i thought i broke it completely- from the head of the screw that was controlling the DOF preview mechanism. The camera is since then stuck on DOF preview. Afterwards it simply didnt want to fire anymore. I also changed the batteries. When I turn the camera on (pulling the lever) and halfpress the shutter button, it reads the exposure but when I press it completely it does nothing. Also, the exposure reading is not shown anymore until I let it a day or change the battery and turn it back on.

When I put the camera in Manual mode and move the shutter to M250, it also doesnt fire, because I thought first the problems might be the batteries.

Do you think there is a problem with the spring the DOF preview button ? and does it have an impact on the shutter?

Or is it about a stuck shutter problem?
Did anyone encounter such problems or know a fix? It would mean a lot if someone would help.

It sounds like it needs a CLA.

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